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True Dat

This story doesn’t need much comment.

Voter ID now! 

Dems like to snarl that Voter ID disenfranchises people. This reaction is called “projection”, since that’s how they would use Voter ID. Instead they don’t support Voter ID, since that helps them commit electoral fraud.

If you’re looking to help on Election Day, consider looking at the True the Vote website, maybe signing up as a volunteer.

After all, while we’re not Philly, we do have lots of Dems around like Rattigan and Ryan.  And let’s not forget Poprik!  If she doesn’t like the Repub running anywhere in her personal sandbox known as the Bucks County GOP, they’ll get nothing from her. It’s Pat’s party here!


How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Board

I can think of at least 4 reasons to be thrilled about Rattigan and Ryan winning the UM supervisor election.  For those silly people out there who might still be unhappy, time to get with the program and start being pleased about what to expect! Continue reading

Scorched Earth

Local elections in small townships can get pretty nasty, don’t you think?

Someone’s been spending money on a little research project from a dubious-sounding organization called the Delaware Valley Clean Government Council.  There’s a PO box, no street address, no phone, no website.  Not such a great marketing strategy for a non-profit!

Anyway, this “Clean Government Council” has provided info that Guy Polhemus was sued, along with some 39 other defendants, in May 2000.  All of the defendants counter-sued for malicious prosecution.  Here’s the link if you want to read about it.  Go to the end of the document; the case was dismissed.

Score: Incumbents 0, Polhemus 1

Bonus questions: who paid to mail this letter?  Was tax money used?  If the “Council” is real, they do this for money.  Who paid for that?  If the “Council” is bogus, who took the trip out to Wynnewood PA to set up the PO box?  Was the tax-paid administrative vehicle used?

Just wondering.

Emails have been flying around as well.  Here’s one from “Henry Orin”:

The Team attacks Mary Ryan and Dan Rattigan for not cutting enough from the budget even though they’ve pared away 9% in the last two years. When The Team finally produces its 2012 UMT budget proposal (see attached) it contains no cuts in spending. WE CAN’T AFFORDTHESE “REPUBLICAN ENDORSED CANDIDATES”. Their poorly conceived and ill-informed proposal is dead on arrival. Will they cut our police services, sell off our open space, and/or reduce township staff below critical levels? WE DON’T KNOW AND THEIR NOT TELLING.


(Sic sic sic – as many sics as required).

This person lists concerns, but they don’t mention the half-million dollar deficit Ryan and Rattigan approved.  Poor arithmetic and spelling skills.

Bob North (any relation to Bob West?  Is there an East and a South?) sends this:

Ernie Sasso says he wants to save the Upper Makefield taxpayers money if he’s elected; however, his record says that’s not true.  Attorney Sasso sued UMT over his own obstruction of the township’s right of way at his property.  The attached file documents Mr. Sasso’s filing.  WE CAN’T AFFORD “SUE ‘EM ERNIE.”  His self-declared wish to monitor the township solicitor’s work and his record indicate that “Sue ’em Ernie” will have UMT involved in needless expensive litigation we can’t afford.


“Sue-Em Ernie”?  Heh.  I did better with Cryin’ Ryan and RATtigan.  I wrote about this lawsuit issue earlier.  And again, “Bob North” is supremely unconcerned with the enormous deficit.  Not worth mentioning!

Well, Ryan and Rattigan are running as Democrats.  It’s no surprise they choose to take pages from Obama’s playbook, which is essentially “Don’t look at our records or the issues” because their records stink.

For my part, I know that anyone can be sued.  Might I want to know more?  Sure, but being sued isn’t an indicator of anything.  If you think otherwise, wake up and look around.  But I know you do know this, since you’re smart enough to read this blog!

Next, a letter from Captain William Glyndwr Martin (page 1 and page 2).  I like the letter, but I am doubtful that this is the writer’s real identity.  Clever idea though, I must say – make “mincemeat” out of them!  And the signatories of the “Red Star Group” letter are well-connected people; some of those names connect a grimace right to my face.  (And why didn’t I get that original Red Star letter; am I not worth the price of a stamp?  I’ve got a bone to pick with you Red Star groupies.)

Well, maybe there are 2 Upper Makefields.  And Ryan and Rattigan only know people from the one group, the group that doesn’t care if you raise their taxes 3 or 30 mils.

Lastly, I received this letter from the Breeden/Polhemus/Sasso team.  Note the bullet point near the end about the UM township manager earning more than the Bucks County COO.  I don’t know the latter’s salary, but I did hear Charles Martin make the statement that the COO earns less.  Heck, Teoli’s annual salary & bonus is nearly the price I paid for my house.  Didn’t she help preside over those daffy budgets and killer deficits?  Hmmm… exactly what are we paying her for?

Final note: it’s a small township.  Scorched earth tactics like the ones Ryan and Rattigan are willing to use can leave the ground smoldering for a long time to come.  Too bad they couldn’t have just been decent supervisors in the first place.

All Your Rights Are Belong To Us

The supervisor campaign heats up, and another “player” comes on board.  This one has the name, which sounds like someone related to

Here’s the text of the email: Continue reading

Township Meeting – October 19

No video up yet, and I’m not doing a general round up.  Maybe later.  I didn’t watch the whole thing.  In an entirely predictable manner, the supervisors sat quietly during public comments when people praised them, and interrupted constantly when challenged.  The selective courtesy is a hallmark of the Jekyll and Hyde behavior of these supervisors.

Last night’s big draw was public reaction to the budget, now that it’s had some time to circulate and sink in. Continue reading

Seeds of Discontent

Another email is making the rounds.  A copy was forwarded to me; perhaps you’ve also received a copy:

Some truths about  Mary Ryan and Dan Rattigan:

Dan Rattigan was a Republican and is now running as a Democrat and joins Democrat Diane Marseglia for fundraisers!

Dan voted against appointing Mary Ryan to the Board of Supervisors and now he is her running mate.

Dan Rattigan was not endorsed by the Republican elected committee people because he said at the endorsement meeting that he supported raising taxes (the proposed 22% tax increase beaten back by an irate electorate) and would vote for it again.  Now he is claiming to be a tax reducer.

Dan and Mary Ryan support paying our township manager and the staff  almost $400,000 per year in salary and benefits.  The manager and team cannot produce a budget document where the ending balances in the accounts for the previous year equal the beginning balances of the next year.  So much for GAAP!  Taxpayers of Upper Makefield do not mind paying for excellence but are now getting inferior service.

Mary Ryan was a Republican and switched to become an Obama Democrat.  She has shown her tax and spend ways with each project she has embraced. Now she declares herself to be a “fiscal conservative”.

Mary Ryan supported breaking our zoning to allow big box stores in Washington Crossing.On March 15, in the Bucks County Courier Times, Mary Ryan declared that she is in favor of installing sewers in Upper Makefield.  The initial project of installation will raise taxes in the township by a minimum of $300 per year per household and opens the door to unlimited development.

Mary Ryan along with Dan Rattigan in a Board of Supervisors meeting this spring said they favored the Washington Crossing Inn to “hook into” the sewer system at the Washington Crossing Historic State Park, thus breaking  zoning and allowing the Inn to build out as they desire.

This comes from, aka Johnny Appleseed.  Interesting.

When people don’t trust their government, at whatever level, all kinds of things come out in all kinds of ways.  People will have their say!

So Mary Ryan was a Republican?  At the UMBA debate last spring Ryan did say that funding a sewer system wouldn’t necessarily mean a tax, it could be a bond.  That statement alone should disqualify her from serious consideration.

The bit about the administrative salaries resonates, although the “almost $400,000 per year” is salary alone.  In 2010, Stephanie Teoli’s salary was $141,690.  The “Finance Officer” made less than half that, $65,805.  The township does, I think, suffer from not having someone who actually does have a finance background.  There’s also a bookkeeper (hourly salary $21.06), an administrative assistant (hourly salary $24.00), and a receptionist (hourly salary $19.76).  For benefits, a rule of thumb is to jack up those costs by about a third.

Roundup of the September 8 Township Meeting

Last night’s township meeting meeting was… odd.

Three strange things happened, one entirely predictable.  I’m presenting them, not in chronological order.

First, during the manager’s report part of the meeting, Ryan and Rattigan came out and publicly announced their campaign strategy.  The budget workshop meetings will be moved up from October to September; the first one will be next Wednesday evening, I believe.  They want to have a budget finalized and approved by the end of October or early November (certainly before election day, though they didn’t say so!)

And Mary Ryan solemnly charged Stephanie Teoli, the township manager, with making sure the proposed budget would reflect a tax cut.  We know this was rehearsed ahead of time, because the logical question from the township manager would be “how much of a tax cut do you want to see?”  But that question wasn’t asked.  Amateurs!

Ryan said that she and Rattigan had “done some homework”, and believed that a tax cut was feasible.  Huh, why didn’t anyone mention that before?  Like maybe the endorsed Republicans running against Rattigan/Ryan/KC-will she-won’t she?

Oh wait, they’ve been saying that since the 3 mil increase was proposed, the increase that had Ryan and Rattigan on board.

With a budget in deficit since 2007, let’s see how those numbers play.  Budgets vs. actuals have been ludicrous for so long, what kind of expectation could we have that this year will it will make sense?  What can be cut for 2012 that survived the 2010 “scalpel”? Will the budget be conveniently reconfigured so that even if one has all of the documents from prior years, they won’t help when trying to follow the proposed 2012 budget?  In the past no one said things like “if we’ve been spending $15,000 a year on printing, why do we keep budgeting $20,000?”  This year, look for unexpected line item drops.  Challenge and look for justification!  Should be fun!

Second, there was a report about emergency response during and after Irene.  This was given by Robert Kay Sr., the emergency management coordinator.  During his report he dropped something of a bombshell by saying that someone, apparently a female, sent out an email to township residents advising them to call her if they experienced a problem due to Irene.  Mr. Kay said this was a ‘mass email’, and he indicated that it was political.

What made him say it was political?  And why didn’t I get an email?  I didn’t, and neither did anyone I know.  How “mass” was it?  More info on this is needed.  If you’re going to get up and say this stuff in public, be prepared to back it up!

Third, during the early part of the meeting, Bud Baldwin kept staring out into the audience, asking if Dave Christian had gotten there yet.  What??? Why would Dave be there?  Would he be announcing his daughter’s candidacy?  Every time Bud ascertained that no, Dave C. wasn’t there, he would reluctantly move on to the next agenda item, making sure that everyone knew he was just doing that until Dave got there.

It was so weird.  Dave C. wasn’t on the agenda.  Bud kept stopping and looking for him so often it became like an obvious “Waiting for Godot” joke.

And when Christian finally did show up, he came in 4 or 5 other men, whose purpose was uncertain, sat right up front, and Bud didn’t seem to notice.  Hmmm.

So Dave went to the microphone and began to talk about September 11.  He talked for some minutes.  He talked about neighbors, and specifically his neighbor who’d lost her son.  I really can’t recall much about what he said, because there didn’t seem to be a coherent point in there.  It was rambling, and hard to follow.  Dave Christian is not a good public speaker.

It’s difficult, because who wants to be critical when someone is talking about 9/11 and the loss of loved ones?  But I’m certain that I’m not the only one who was puzzled.  When Dave C. finished he shook hands with the supervisors and left (with his coterie), and there was dead silence.  No applause at all, as would be expected if people were stirred or moved or anything.  Just silent.

So that was that.  The supervisors, contrary to the last meeting, were pretty well behaved.  I wish I had made my private prediction public before: that from now until election day Ryan and Rattigan will keep pretty quiet unless they can say something positive.  We can make it a drinking game!  If you want to stay sober, take a drink for every negative thing Ryan or Rattigan says.  Otherwise, do the reverse.

Good times.

One last thing: did anyone else feel gypped that there was no “right to know” report last night?  I was waiting for pie charts, with colors, naming names.  Boo!