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Fitzpa – Bah!

For the second time in the past 13 months, I’ve written an email to Mike Fitzpatrick about a legislative issue of concern to me.

For the second time, I’ve received no reply.

I’m not asking for a personal missive exploring the contents of his mind.  He has staff that we pay for.  Why is it beyond them to send a canned response outlining the congressman’s position?

The second email I wrote was to request that he, Fitzpatrick, oppose SOPA.  I saw and took his dopey little online poll.  All I got in response was this:

January 23, 2012

You may have heard in the news last week about a bill, H.R. 3261, titled the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  Several popular websites, including Wikipedia and Google, showed their opposition to this bill by shutting down their website for 24 hours and bringing attention to this very controversial bill.

The goal of this legislation is to prevent intellectual property theft, also known as piracy, on the internet.  Many agree that online piracy is a real threat and some type of legislative solution may be needed to address this increasingly rampant cyber-crime.

However, many have expressed extreme concerns with the way SOPA, and its Senate counter-part, the Protect IP Act (PIPA), are worded.  They believe that the language in these bills is too broad and could lead to government censorship of the internet and the shutting down of many legitimate and popular websites.

You can look at the wording of the bill yourself by reading the full text and the summary provided by the Library of Congress here: H.R. 3261 Summary.

As I look further into the wording of this bill, I want to know what you think.  Please take my poll online to share your thoughts on this bill: Click here to participate in my poll.

As your Congressman, I believe it is my responsibility to reflect the will and the best interests of my constituents. Your input is very important to me as I review this legislation, and I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.


Mike Fitzpatrick

Mike Fitzpatrick

Online piracy doesn’t bother me nearly as much as shutting down the most open exchange of information platform we’ve had in years.

And it doesn’t bother nearly as much as clueless congressman.

Jeesh.  I went door to door for this man.  What was I thinking?

If you oppose SOPA, take the poll, for pity’s sake.  Fitzpatrick can’t make the choice himself.



You’ve probably seen the web blackouts and heard the buzz growing into a roar about SOPA and PIPA.  It’s had an effect.

Where do legislators from PA stand on the issue?

Scroll down to see a button to sort by state.  Scroll down to “Follow the Money” to see the tallies by state; from there you can click on Pennsylvania to see the list of legislators and their stand (or lack thereof).

  • Mike Fitzpatrick is UNKNOWN.
  • Pat Toomey was unknown, today he’s LEANING NO.
  • Bob Casey SUPPORTS PIPA.

Casey is up for re-election this year.  He wants his PIPA, he shouldn’t get your vota.  He wouldn’t get mine anyway, but if you were leaning his way, take this into consideration.

And come on, Mike, man up if you can.  It shouldn’t be that difficult.  His contact form has a poll asking if you support or oppose PIPA/SOPA, so he appears particularly clueless on this issue.

Contact for Fitzpatrick:

Contact for Toomey:

Contact for Casey: