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How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Board

I can think of at least 4 reasons to be thrilled about Rattigan and Ryan winning the UM supervisor election.  For those silly people out there who might still be unhappy, time to get with the program and start being pleased about what to expect! Continue reading


All Your Rights Are Belong To Us

The supervisor campaign heats up, and another “player” comes on board.  This one has the name, which sounds like someone related to

Here’s the text of the email: Continue reading

Budget Sweatshop

So the first budget workshop of 2011 was held last Wednesday.  How often have the supervisors talked about the value of attending budget workshop sessions?  Answer: lots.

If you’ve ever been – there’s that one person Rattigan referred to who attended at some point in the last 5 years, so you’re out there somewhere – you know the drill.

If you haven’t, here’s some skinny.

You, as a resident funding the township operation, will be given nothing to look at.  For the price of admission – 2+ hours in a chilly room in a building with a busted water fountain – you’ll get to squint at the TV screen hooked up to a laptop, to stare at numbers and try to follow the discussion.

Supervisors and township employees shuffle papers and talk about this line item and that one.  Really, it’s not unlike the regular township meetings, where supervisors have all kinds of info while those paying for it stare at their own empty hands.

The water in the township building contains arsenic.  Hmm, maybe that’s why the fountain stays broken.  Cut repair expenses and better serve the residents!

Questions from the public are not permitted.  There was something begging for an answer in the pre-pre-preliminary budget, but when one person wanted to ask, Bud Baldwin swiveled about, flung out his hand, and barked “no questions!”.  There is so much venom in this man that he could be our very own super-villain.  It’s difficult to understand why he chooses to behave this way, or why the other supervisors choose to remain silent.

Maybe Bud drinks the township building’s water.

No tax cut shown at this meeting.  RAT-again and Ryan seemed a tad vexed.  The election’s coming up, the flyers are printed, better hurry!

Next meeting is Monday, Sept. 26, at 6 PM.  The earlier starting time means it will be long.  And the means to the promised tax cut should be revealed!

If you plan to attend, don’t sit too close to Bud.  And bring your own drink.

Roundup of the August 3 Upper Makefield Township Meeting Public Comments

Sunshine, Go Away Today

This first public comment has a high “ick” factor.  Dan Worden wants to know who is submitting Right to Know requests, and what they cost the township.  (Note that his request will also cost money).

I for one applaud the folks who are engaged enough to ask for information, whether or not they are candidates.  Too bad the notion of the public gaining access to government info irks Worden so badly; it’s people like him that made a Right to Know law necessary.

Thankfully Worden’s not on the board anymore.  Then again, the current crop of supervisors often don’t answer questions at the meetings, they direct people to call or email the office with their question, which results in an RTK request… you see where this goes.

Dan doesn’t get the bum’s rush, though.  The supervisors seem quite excited to fulfill this request.

Exit question: based on the clip below, what does Worden know about the township budget that the supervisors don’t know?

Deli Meats and the First Amendment

Here’s another clip from the public comments, also very creepy:

Bannon spends more than 9 full minutes trying to trash the endorsed Republican candidates for the supervisor seats, while railing against using the podium for political purposes.  The current set of supervisors have no problem with that.  Bud Baldwin seems to be wishing that the first amendment would let him squash speech, instead of the reverse.

Bud Baldwin will tolerate many things, but he will absolutely NOT tolerate using the podium to advertise lunch meat specials.

Whew!  For a while I had been starting to think that government was broken!

There was a rebuttal to this woman’s comment, at the end of the meeting, from Guy Polhemus.  Dave Kulig, mercifully off the board at the end of the year, adopts the tried and true “I’m rubber, you’re glue” stance.

Wait, he not only wants to know about Guy’s candidacy status, he also wants to know how frequently Guy speaks to the other candidates!  What’s up next, Dave?  Are you going to start asking people to state when they last had sex with their SO?  Just wondering!  If I ever get up the nerve to go up to that podium this year, I want to be prepared!

Interesting how the Baldwin and Kulig gangs up on Polhemus.  Well, as I said earlier, Kulig’s out, and Baldwin’s not up for re-election… yet.

Newspaper Report of Township Meeting Contains More Than Abridgement of Already Very Abridged Minutes

Wow, did someone poke Danny Adler with a pencil and wake him up? Most of his prior reports seemed basically phoned in, despite his physical presence at the meetings.  Here he actually seems to have written a bit more, though still managing to leave out a lot.