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Rest in Honor

There is another story in today’s Courier Times, this one about the Washington Crossing National Cemetery.

According to the story, there are enough unattended interments of veterans, unattended for a variety of reasons, so the cemetery holds a special service at 2:00 PM on the last Thursday of every month, to honor the veterans of all such burials that occurred during that month.

Anyone is welcome to these fairly short memorials.  Since we live nearby, it would be relatively easy to go to these, as a way of representing the general citizenry.  People who cherish our freedoms, recognize that a price was paid to secure them, and want to show gratitude.  To all soldiers, every soldier, this soldier who was buried right here in our township.


Some Local Events – September (Correction)

True the Vote

Tuesday Sept. 13               7:00-9:00 PM         Yardley Community Center

Liberty Belle Patriots

Link to .pdf


Reading the Constitution

Saturday Sept. 17               1:00 PM                 Washington Crossing State Historic Park

(Error noted by MarkM – thank you!)

Thomas Jefferson Club



Colonial Cooking Class (Pre-registration and $35 fee)

Sunday Sept. 18               10:00 AM-4:00 PM         Hibbs House, WC Historic Park



Ghost Stories & Star Gazing – Bowman’s Tower (Reservations and $20 ticket)

Saturday Sept. 24               6:00 PM & 8:00 PM         Bowman’s Tower



It Wasn’t All Noise – Songs of the 50’s and 60’s

Saturday Sept. 24               2:00 PM                              Yardley-Makefield Library



Find the Mules (Chance to win a drawing for a $50 GC to Triumph Brewing Co.)




Washington Crossing – the Delaware After Irene

The Delaware was pretty high at around 3PM yesterday, but it was higher still earlier than that.  Here are some pictures from the afternoon, along Washington Crossing Park.

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The water was moving fast!

(Yes, that was me, slipping slightly towards the end.)

River Road was closed further along; I could see the flooding but didn’t walk up to take a picture.  Taylorsville Road was closed from one direction as well.  A lot of people lost power.  One person I know just got their power back today.

We got some water downstairs, but that’s about it.  I think we were very lucky – no power loss.  The most worrying thing for me is the state of our trees.  All that water can undermine older trees, and they can come down suddenly.

But… kids were happy.  No school!