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Rattigan? Not THAT again!

That’s my campaign slogan for Dan Rattigan, one of them, at least.  Free of charge!  Sign it and spread it around!

Or maybe he could say everytime the voters vote me out, I find a way to drag myself in.

Why would someone do a party hop?  Because Dan got his panties in a wad when he was knocked out of the ring in the Republican primary last May.  If he has to high tail it to another party to get on the ballot to stay in the running, he will hike his butt anywhere.  Disgusting.

Democrats deserve him.  Rattigan’s record is one of raising or wanting to raise taxes (2009 up 1 mil, 2010 wanted another 2-3 mil increase) so he can SPEND it.  And he says he’s running on tax cuts?

Pay attention, folks.  The Upper Makefield budget has been in deficit since 2008.  Spending less than you anticipated in any given year doesn’t mean you’ve filled the
hole, and these supervisors haven’t.  The actual 2010 deficit was nearly one million dollars.  The budget is on the Upper Makefield township website (look under Government / Departments / Finance), but this new online version leaves off the line: Revenues Exclusive of Cash vs. Expenditures.  That’s what I have in my printed version, and that’s where you see the scary annual deficits.

So you’ll have to do the math yourself.

Subtract Total Expenditures from Revenues Exclusive of Beginning Cash.  For 2010, that would be an income of $4,870,333 minus expenses of $5,862,866. That year’s revenues includes the 1 mil tax increase. Deficits are made up from the cash reserves  (aka Beginning Cash), which are shrinking fast.  2008 deficit: $863,310.  2009 deficit: $573,287.  There was no concerted effort to cut expenses in 2009; the streetscape grant and expenses, which should never have been in the general fund, distort the figures over these 2 years.

Rattigan and Ryan saying they are cutting expenses is EXACTLY like the lady who owes $30K on her credit card, has no job, and reluctantly agrees to a less expensive granite for her kitchen remodel project.  Hey, she’s saving money!

Anybody awake out there?

Send this loser RATtigan down the Delaware, along with Cryin’ Ryan.

My other campaign slogan: Not Dan RAT again!  Take your pick!