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Eye on Newt – September 27, Doylestown

A Kitchen Table Patriots meet and greet event with Newt Gingrich, for all of you interested.  Sounds like a fine opportunity!

Also, FreedomWorks and the Kitchen Table Patriots are sponsoring a grassroots training event and rally.  You must RSVP to participate.

See info for both events here.


Heirloom Pens

For the past few years I’ve gone to the Delaware Valley woodcarver’s show, held in the spring at the Bucks County Tech high school.

I’ve been going because a friend of mine has taken up woodcarving.  He comes in from New York, and I go to visit with him, and see his work.

Last spring his table was next to a table where a number of wooden pens were displayed.  I got to chatting with the man at that table, Marc Dowdell, who’s located in Yardley.

His pens are rather unique, since they’re made with materials from places of historical interest.  I’m kind of a sucker for stuff like that.  Anyway, his pens were quite nice, and many of the prices are pretty reasonable.

Here’s his website.  I found his pens interesting, and I thought you might, too.