I’m an Upper Makefield resident since 1988.  I came out for the tax protest of 2010, and continue to keep an eye on the township supervisors.

After viewing or attending township meetings during the first half of 2011, I’ve concluded: the supervisors need watching.

I am not running for any office, anywhere.  Never have, don’t anticipate ever doing so.

Mostly I’ll be writing about Upper Makefield.  Maybe sometimes Bucks County.  And not always politics.

Township meetings are typically the first and third Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM; they are shown live on cable (my channel is 22), and rebroadcast at other times.

Meeting videos are usually available a day or three after the meeting on the township website.


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  1. Posted by Jeanne Pilkauskas on August 19, 2011 at 9:57 am

    I too was drawn to the Township Meetings, fearful of the tax increase proposed for 2011. Recently at least three residents making public comment and asking relevant questions of the supervisors have been rudely dismissed and told to take their seats by the current supervisors. If a resident speaks only praise and love for the TWP Manager and Supervisors he is permitted to speak freely without being dismissed. Family members of TWP employees, who received generous increases and benefit packages from a newly approved union contract, should be required to make it known to residents that they have a financial interest in supporting the TWP Supervisors before they are permitted to offer opinions regarding the TWP Manager. I too would love Ms Teoli if she gave my husband a generous salary increase and benefit package. By the way, Ms Teoli’s salary and benefits are pretty much based on what she approves for the union members. Let’s face it, the “Top Dog” always gets the biggest bone.


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