County Stays Red, Township Goes Purple

Rat and Ryan pulled it off, so there are 2 Dems on the board of supervisors.  It wasn’t even all that close; results are here.  Larry Breeden is also in, but KC Christian got almost 45% of the votes and she’s not even running.

I feel a little like I did the morning after Obama won, because in a real sense he and all he stands for won again tonight in our township.

Well, we soldier on.  Not everyone wants to see our hard-earned tax money dripped and drabbed away.

But to those of you who voted for KC, I have an appeal: please, stay home on election day next November.  Elections are difficult enough without an army of stupid.

And for your viewing pleasure, a video I think is cool.  Politics aside, we’re lucky to live in a beautiful country.

You can read more about this project here.


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  1. Posted by Bill Trainer on November 15, 2011 at 11:47 am

    This blog is all great fun for some, but it is time to shut down the crap, the name calling, etc., and get on with the affairs of the citizens of UM. The election is over; Sasso and Polhemus didn’t make it; Ryan and rattigan did. So did Breeden.
    So where to from here? The issue is serious for UM as it asks whether Breeden will be just another outsider lobbing bombs or whether he will contribute to improving UM from the inside. Will he become a part of making UM better? If he does not, then kiss “adios” to any hope of the trio for a future as he/they will have demonstrated that they are only good for accusations, not governance. If, however, he applies his stated knowledge of cost cutting to the B of S process by digging into the facts, by actively seeking workable and knowledgeable improvements, and by positively contributing to problems vs. making the meetings a bitch forum, then he and UM will win. I did not support or vote for Breeden, but he won and it is time to move on. I hope for his success in helping to show the way in cost reduction and helping to make it happen..


    • Bill,

      I entirely agree that this name calling is childish. However, it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. Larry, Guy and Ernest ran for supervisor because they disagreed with the prior board on many issues, not the least of which was how much expenses could be cut. I think the residents that voted for Larry expect him to carry those philosophical differences with him onto the board.


  2. Posted by Tony from Upper Make on November 10, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    My guess is that the “Liar” (for those of you who were lucky enough to experience Mr. Breedens outright lies in the debates, and the stupid look on his face when current Supervisor Kulig called him out on those lies, will know where the “liar” nickname came from) has to be embarrassed. His opponent, who dropped out, still got 45% of the votes. Ha! This won’t last long, Larry isn’t smart enough, he’s too slow to pick things up on his own. Polhemus will feed him bs before each meeting that he can use, but once the proceedings start moving, once the ball is rolling, he is too slow to keep up. he can’t even hear. And besides, whatever strings Guy is pulling think about Guy’s decision making over the past few days. He has to be the only candidate in the history of electoral politics in the United States to openly admit, in a robo-call paid for by himself, that he has business dealings with the Gambino Crime Family. His “I am not a racketeer!” blabbering reminded me of “I am not a crook!” hahaha That had to be the least intelligent political move in the history of Bucks County Politics. It will go down in history books, and when it comes up 20 years from now no one wil believe it actually happened, it was that dumb.


    • Posted by delta on November 11, 2011 at 12:25 pm

      It is true that Kulig showed his ignoranace by calling Breeden a liar. What he called a breeden a liar about was the fact that the townshlip employees did not contribute to their healtcare premiums and did get 100% reimbursment to their co-pay.

      By the Traditions debate, the supervisors had “talked” about making an adjustment to that.

      Yeah, Kulig is a class act.


  3. Posted by Bill Hoefer on November 10, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    Larry Breeden should really look in the mirror and decide whether he should really take the the supervisor’s position. Here are the facts.

    In the primary Breeden won by only 9 votes!
    In the primary Breeden got only 369 votes when his teammates got around 550 votes. That means 180 voters consiously went to the polls to vote for Polhemus and Sasso but not Breeden.
    In the general election Breeden only won by a little over 200 votes against someone that had withdrawn from the race and the team worked hard to get that fact out. Rememember the signs at the polls?

    If you are asking me and the rest of the registered voters, they would rather have no supervisor than Larry Breeden as one and the numbers show this!


    • I am fairly certain that Larry is looking forward to serving as Township Supervisor.


    • Posted by delta on November 11, 2011 at 12:37 pm

      And this is coming from an “independently registered” judge of the elections.

      Bill 9 votes in a primary on the local level is still a win.

      This election Breeden fought the Democrat machine of Ratigan and Ryan,

      The Chrisitian machine—They lied when they said she wasn’t running…. The political thugs from Bedminster was on the Chrlistian payroll and she was running a phantom/whisper campaign.

      All 5 of the supervisors were campaigning against Breeden with their lackies doing legwork.

      The soccer people didn’t like that Breeden wasn’t favoring special treatment for them so they marshalled up a campaign against him.

      By and large a 200 point margin was huge against those odds.

      Breeden can serve independently… He owns no special interest anything.

      The same can not be said of Baldwin, Rattigan and Ryan..

      Obviously, BILL you are in a minority in your feelings. The registered voters spite of your efforts at the poll. You should resign as a judge of elections. Shame on you.


      • Posted by Bill Trainer on November 11, 2011 at 4:47 pm

        How about some facts?

        1. I am not a “Judge of Elections” but a volunteer Minority Inspector with no power but to verify the voter is properly registered. If having an opinion about the candidates is a disqualifying factor, then there should be no more volunteers or election officials.
        2. In a Township where the Republicans outnumber the Democrats, you seriously think anyone believes your statement about the “Democrat machine”? Look at the election history here. The only machine in UM is Republican. If you don’t know that, you must have just arrived from North Jersey.
        3. So I am a “minority in (my) feelings”? Did you happen to look at the election results?

        The real truth of the matter is that the voters did hear the trio’s voices, did understand the trio’s causes, and did believe that the trio would do as they promised. The voters then, by a larger turnout than normal, flatly rejected the trio’s platform and the trio themselves.


      • Posted by delta on November 11, 2011 at 8:04 pm

        So BJ you think you are the only Bill in the world? You may be a BJ but the boys on board missed you when you retired.

        You replied as though Delta was talking to you. Now how stupid is that.

        Bill H. was the target of that missive.

        Yes. Look at the results. In spite of the LIES by you and the supervisors, sitting and past, you only squeeked out a victory in two of three seats. How feeble is that.

        Mary Ryan and Dan were the Democrat machine!

        No I moved here from Fishtown…. yours and Mary’s home town.

        None is so blind/deaf as those who refuse to see/hear.

        Gawd. You are so stupid.

      • Posted by Tony from Upper Make on November 14, 2011 at 4:31 pm

        “A phantom/whisper campaign?” ha you people who supported the ‘losing team’ are deranged. Who has ever won a race by a “phantom/whisper campaign?” Is that even such a thing? It sounds to me like someone is trying to justify in his own mind how he almost lost to someone who didn’t even run a campaign. That kind of conspiracy theory talk is what normally comes out Larry Breeden’s mouth. Is that you Larry? Is your nickname online Delta?

        Amatuer hour is primarily over in Upper Makefield is over. Ernie has gone back to being an “international trial lawyer” haha, Guy has gone back to the gambino family and were stuck with Breeden.

  4. Posted by Bill Trainer on November 10, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Anyone who thinks this election was close needs a serious education. Everything was against Dan & Mary, yet they won. Consider: A – This was an off-year election in which normally low turnout would make it vulnerable to the collective action of a small but dedicated group of fanatic supporters of the trio, yet more voters than usual came out to vote for Dan & Mary and against the tactics of the trio.. B – Republicans outnumber Democrats 2:1 at least, yet the voters elected 2 Democrats. C – Most voters vote party line, yet many of these normally party line voters split their tickets to vote against the trio. Folks, get overe it. The trio were not only defeated, they were sent to the locker room with their tails between their legs. One other comment: Every election has something new. This one was no exception. Breeden’s so called victory was laughable as he ran unopposed and was almost defeated!!! Bill.


  5. Posted by francis d on November 10, 2011 at 9:04 am

    To almal59, I referred to him as Mr.

    Mr. Breeden will be treated the same contempt respect he showed our current Board, Pam.


    • Posted by delta on November 10, 2011 at 11:23 am

      If Breeden demonstrates the same contemptible behavior some of the sitting supervisors have, he then deserves to be held in contempt.

      On the other hand, I think you will find him to continue to speak out against bad decisions whether they are back room deals or on the open floor.


    • Wait, you mean Bud Baldwin will not rush to the defense of a fellow Supervisor when he is attacked?

      I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!


  6. francis d – Show a little more respect when referring to our new Supervisor.


  7. Posted by Joe on November 9, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Peggy, go back to Middletown.


  8. Posted by francis d on November 9, 2011 at 9:57 am

    Underhanded??? Will the conspiracy theories ever stop?? It speaks volumes that voters would rather sacrific a vote than have Mr. Breeden spread his craziness in a public forum.


  9. I disagree that the election wasn’t close. Dan won by 205 votes. If 103 of those people had supported Guy instead, he would have won. Also, while a turnout of 30% is good historically for an off-year election, 70% of the eligible voters in the township stayed home. I don’t think that’s anything to be proud of.

    As far as KC, I don’t think “stupid” is the right word to describe her support. I think underhanded might be better. There was a concerted effort to vote her in so that when she declined to serve someone else could be appointed.


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