All Your Rights Are Belong To Us

The supervisor campaign heats up, and another “player” comes on board.  This one has the name, which sounds like someone related to

Here’s the text of the email:

Did You Know…

Supervisor candidate Ernest Sasso cost you, the taxpayer, when he sued Upper Makefield in a frivolous lawsuit. That unnecessary expense to the township was incurred because Ernest Sasso, Esq. sued Upper Makefield Township for enforcing “right of way” laws and because he disliked the manner in which the township mowed the grass at the common area near his home. Simply put, Ernest Sasso installed a rock barrier in the “right of way” illegally, which prohibited emergency and public works vehicles from accessing the roadway. Upper Makefield advised him of the violation and asked that it be removed. He chose not to follow the law, continued to obstruct the right of way, took legal action over a petty lawn care complaint and trivially sued the township.

(Please see the complete lawsuit file attached for more details.)

Is this the type of person you want as a supervisor?

Now you know…..

The email has a an attachment, and you can see it here.  I looked this over, and you can too.

An assessment that something is “frivolous” or “petty” or “trivial” is pretty subjective.  I didn’t see evidence of anything like, except maybe on the township’s part.  It seems to me that the township didn’t do what they were supposed to do, and what they said they would do, for something like 13 years, then ten years ago decided to flex their muscle and harass some homeowners.  One homeowner fought back.  Go Sassos!

We live under the rule of law.  In some societies, when the state speaks you listen, or you disappear.  That’s not our country.  In some societies, disputes are “resolved” by whomever is physically larger, or has more or better weapons.  Again, not our country.  We have a court system, and when a person – any person, even an everyday citizen – can’t get relief or satisfaction through negotiation or discussion, you can go to court.

It seems that the Ryan/Rattigan camp is very comfortable with some illiberal impulses.  It is our right to fight back against our government, or anybody else, when we think we’re being treated unfairly.

This is not a single-issue situation.  In a prior post I highlighted Dan Worden’s request to see who is submitting right-to-know requests to the township, something he called “boondoggle”, and what that costs the township.  During that exchange (meeting video is here) not a single supervisor objected, or in any way defended the right of the public to request information.  Why is that?  It would have been a good time to do so, if you believe in that.  Instead, Rattigan and Baldwin spent some time clarifying exactly what should be on that list.

In that video, Worden (who used to be a township supervisor) said he does not think the township supervisors should be criticized.  But that’s not how a representative democracy works, that’s statist.

Worden wanted to see the right-to-know requests, and Bud Baldwin promised it.  It has yet to be revealed.  Why not?  Maybe the result doesn’t help the Ryan/Rattigan campaign.  On August 3 that list was promised for the next meeting, but I have never seen it.

Somewhere I read that a description of a totalitarian society isn’t absolute rule, it’s changing the rules constantly to keep the citizens off-balance.  They can never be sure that they are not breaking the law.  Agreeing to publish lists of citizens who request information from the township, with their attendant costs, can be a subtle form of intimidation.

I don’t like the vibe coming from these supervisors.  They’re supposed to represent us, not beat us into submission.  At one meeting a resident told the supervisors “you work for us”, and the supervisors recoiled in horror.

When did that become a wicked phrase?  “Work for us” doesn’t mean that we get to order you around, it’s a placement of trust.  Trust to look out for our common welfare, and to caretake literally millions of our tax dollars.  If they are willing to ride roughshod over our rights, then that trust seems to be sorely misplaced.

I think the emailer’s intent was to paint Mr. Sasso as one who will waste taxpayer money, but in so doing he or she revealed something rather unpleasant about him or herself, and by extension the Ryan/Rattigan camp.

Read the materials, make up your own mind.  And vote, November 8.  (And remember that Sol Feinstone will be open for a half day that day!)


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