No One’s Asking

Ugh, this one reeks a bit of desperation, courtesy of

Did you know that Philadelphia Magazine has chosen Upper Makefield the Best Place to Raise Kids?

Philadelphia Magazine, noting policies that Dan Rattigan & Mary Ryan have long supported, declares Upper Makefield among the top suburbs in the region.  Rattigan’s & Ryan’s policies which led to this award were open space, tree and stream restoration, top notch police protection, support of our great volunteer fire department, outstanding water quality, enviable parks & recreation areas, and a host of others that touch our core values.  Rattigan & Ryan have fought long and hard to preserve thevalues which we cherish in Upper Makefield.

Sadly, many of these programs have been vigorously criticized and opposed by their opponents Polhemus, Sasso, and Breeden who wish to cheapen our community.

When you vote in November, keep in mind whose core community values are the same as yours.

I have no problem with campaign literature, until it descends into foolishness.

I dislike the Ryan/Rattigan program of:

  • We’re bipartisan.  Oh wait!  We’re Democrats!
  • We need to raise taxes.  Twice!  Oh wait!  We’ll just keep open space millage and give back a bit to you.
  • We care so much about Upper Makefield that we’ll drive it into the ground with enormous budget deficits that we will absolutely refuse to address.

But that’s just me.

Ryan and Rattigan are pretty full of themselves – no modesty here!  I guess the rest of us who pay taxes and volunteer and try to be law-abiding citizens and help our neighbors are just so much white noise.

I don’t think I can take another 6 years of that.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, I also wondered when the email would come out crediting the ancestors of Ryan and Rattigan with singlehandedly convincing Washington to cross the Delaware in the first place. They have done it all, haven’t they?

    It’s opened my eyes to the art of campaign literature. You can say how great you are, you can say how terrible your opponents are, you can even tell lies. But don’t dis the voters, and somehow that email managed to do just that.


  2. Posted by delta on October 13, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    Now Ryan is taking credit for the DNA results of the students excelling in academics.

    Looks like Rat again and Ryan’s core values consist of screw the taxpayer, line their own pockets at the expense of the citizens.

    Their entitlement mentality is an indication of their greed.


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