You Won’t Feel a Thing

I’ve avoided posting about the budget presented at last night’s meeting because I don’t think the prelim 2012 budget is up on the website yet.

Okay, that’s a half-truth.  The other is that the proposed budget is depressing.

The General Fund shows a deficit of just over half a million dollars.  Like the past, it is always with us.

Depressing as the deficit is, there’s worse.  A mil of tax is being diverted from open space funding to the general fund, and a half-mil is coming back to us.  Technically it’s a matter of cutting the open fund mils by one and a half and raising property tax by 1, but in the end it’s the same.

I always assumed that the open space levies would come back entirely to us, so I certainly made an ass of me.

The thing is, there’s still 9.2525 mils going to open space.  Changing my prior assumption, I guess that could all be up for grabs by the township.  Will we ever get those mils back?  Maybe like this:

In funding open space, we may never see that money again, long after the open space plan has ended.  We’re paying it anyway, right?  Pay for this or pay for that; no harm, no foul.  Just keep saying it.

In a year of yet another significant deficit, even with grabbing another mil (about $230,000) which will likely be permanent, why even talk about giving a half mil back?  Seems like just yesterday Rattigan was talking about how a 1 mil increase would be no big deal to a township of fat cats like ours.  What changed?

Oh yeah, the election.

In this news story, Guy Polhemus calls this move a shell game.  I disagree.  I call it a sucker punch.



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