Ask Me – But Not That, Ask Me Something Else

A third “Ask Me” email is making the rounds.  I meant to comment on the second one, which was all about how Dan Rattigan is the guy who made the WC National Cemetery happen, but too many other things were going on.

Anyway, with an election coming up, it’s to be expected (and it’s generally a good thing) that campaign communications of all stripes make the rounds.  It’s up to us to filter through them.

Just as we know Obama’s campaign (already in full swing!) will be about anything but his record on the economy, so we know that Ryan and Rattigan will want to focus on anything but the non-stop deficits, the 1 mil tax increase, the proposed 3 mil tax increase (that they backed down on when residents protested).

No surprise there.  So let’s talk about the issue raised, questioning the Act 537 plan.  The AskMe email points to this video:

which is a series of stills and a voice-over.

This is a serious issue, and everyone I’ve heard seems to treat is as such.  It’s also complicated enough, and limited enough (imminently affecting properties in 2 geographic areas), that the rest of us might be tempted to skip it.

Interestingly, no incumbent at the UMBA debate last spring came out and said that residents who don’t live in those houses should not have to pay for any sewer hookups.  It crossed my mind: I have a septic system too!  What if mine fails?  I have to pay for theirs and mine?

I don’t have a problem with Larry Breeden raising the questions he does.  And Ernest Sasso simply asks if the resolution could be put up on the website.  That’s a bad thing to do?  Since when?

Anyway, any solution might be pricey, and some of it may be coming out of our pockets.  I look at Rattigan, who sat on the board for years with crazy budgets and deficits and who voted for one tax increase and seemed on board with another.  And also at Ryan, who plays coy on sewer funding questions and raised not a peep of protest when the 3 mil tax increase was originally proposed in November 2010.  If I can’t trust them with basic things, how can I trust them with more complex things?  That’s certainly what I ask myself.


Here’s the video of Larry Breeden on that fateful night in May:

And here’s Ernest Sasso:


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by francis d on October 6, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Hmmm, the website is extremely user-friendly. Maybe human error?


  2. Posted by Thomas G on October 5, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Does anyone on the Board understand computers, downloading of documents, and the ease at which you can download large documents?


    • Posted by delta on October 5, 2011 at 10:27 pm

      apparently not.


    • Good question, Thomas. I think the bigger issue the supervisors had was getting the document onto the site; talking about how long it takes to download was just dumb. I’ve wondered myself what kind of contract the supervisors set up with whatever company they’re using at the moment (the site still says Word Work, but they’re apparently out of business) to host and maintain the township site.

      I also wish their .pdf documents would really be .pdf files, searchable and all that, but I don’t know what that would cost. And the site search isn’t very good; when I type “act 537” or “sewer” I get nothing. I have to use an outside search engine to get a hit on the township website.

      Overall, Newtown Township does a better job with their website, but maybe Upper Makefield gets it real cheap. Or maybe they just have a lousy deal.


  3. Posted by delta on October 5, 2011 at 5:02 pm



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