Township Meeting – September 21

Just one note.

A representative of the Upper Makefield-Newtown soccer club made a presentation regarding the soccer fields at Brownsburg Park.

As I understand it, he said that the turf on the fields is inadequate, and offered the resources of the club to do the work, and bear the expense, of installing and maintaining new turf.  This would be in lieu of the usage fee.  The turf replacement costs would come in at around $12,000, while the usage fee would be only $5,000.

In return, he asked the township to consider upgrading the well system so the lower fields could be adequately irrigated.

Apparently it was known all along that the existing well wasn’t up to that particular job.  Okay, but then the township engineer started rattling off potential numbers, and they were big.  $20,000 to dig a deeper well.  $15,000 for pump and electrical.  $20,000 – $40,000 for a storage tank.  Testing surrounding wells to make sure they won’t be negatively impacted.

No one knows exactly what would be needed, so these costs may never materialize, or they may be significantly lower.  But it’s a bit confusing, to me at least.  Here’s a 2009 article about Brownsburg park.  Everything sounds swell, no turf complaints mentioned.

I wonder if everyone was surprised by some of the rough figures from the township engineer.  We’ll see what the supervisors have to say on this issue once the water needs are better defined.  But keep an eye out.  How much on the hook should residents be for these soccer fields?

Here’s a summary of the Brownsburg park project.


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