Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Oh no!  Kathleen “K.C” Christian has withdrawn from the Upper Makefield supervisor’s race!

She says she’s “no longer actively campaigning” for the job.

Residents across the township are “What?  What did I miss”?

But wait!  Her name will still be on the ballot!  So she could get votes.  Not wishing to be The Secret Candidate, she could be The Stealth Candidate.

I think somehow township residents have angered KC.  She no longer thinks we’re worthy of her mailings, her signs, her debate participation.  She can’t “devote 110 percent to the job”.

But she could muster zero percent!  That should be good enough for us, coming from an Upper Makefield Christian.

Thanks for running, KC.  Just please don’t do it again.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Well, they probably are registered Republicans. The question is: what is the average Upper Makefield resident’s definition of a Republican? I guess Dan and KC are “Arlen Specter” republicans. The “can’t get me! I’m over here now! Ha ha, now I’m over here!” kind of pols, as they jump from party to party when they’re losing.

    Come to think of it, what’s the average Upper Makefield resident’s definition of a Democrat?


  2. To me, the most interesting thing about this article was the Courier Times referring to both KC and Dan Rattagan as Republicans. Given that both Dan, and KC before she withdrew, are running on the Democratic ticket and Dan is supporting another Democrat, Mary Ryan, for Supervisor, I have to wonder what the Courier Times definition of “Republican” is.


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