Seeds of Discontent

Another email is making the rounds.  A copy was forwarded to me; perhaps you’ve also received a copy:

Some truths about  Mary Ryan and Dan Rattigan:

Dan Rattigan was a Republican and is now running as a Democrat and joins Democrat Diane Marseglia for fundraisers!

Dan voted against appointing Mary Ryan to the Board of Supervisors and now he is her running mate.

Dan Rattigan was not endorsed by the Republican elected committee people because he said at the endorsement meeting that he supported raising taxes (the proposed 22% tax increase beaten back by an irate electorate) and would vote for it again.  Now he is claiming to be a tax reducer.

Dan and Mary Ryan support paying our township manager and the staff  almost $400,000 per year in salary and benefits.  The manager and team cannot produce a budget document where the ending balances in the accounts for the previous year equal the beginning balances of the next year.  So much for GAAP!  Taxpayers of Upper Makefield do not mind paying for excellence but are now getting inferior service.

Mary Ryan was a Republican and switched to become an Obama Democrat.  She has shown her tax and spend ways with each project she has embraced. Now she declares herself to be a “fiscal conservative”.

Mary Ryan supported breaking our zoning to allow big box stores in Washington Crossing.On March 15, in the Bucks County Courier Times, Mary Ryan declared that she is in favor of installing sewers in Upper Makefield.  The initial project of installation will raise taxes in the township by a minimum of $300 per year per household and opens the door to unlimited development.

Mary Ryan along with Dan Rattigan in a Board of Supervisors meeting this spring said they favored the Washington Crossing Inn to “hook into” the sewer system at the Washington Crossing Historic State Park, thus breaking  zoning and allowing the Inn to build out as they desire.

This comes from, aka Johnny Appleseed.  Interesting.

When people don’t trust their government, at whatever level, all kinds of things come out in all kinds of ways.  People will have their say!

So Mary Ryan was a Republican?  At the UMBA debate last spring Ryan did say that funding a sewer system wouldn’t necessarily mean a tax, it could be a bond.  That statement alone should disqualify her from serious consideration.

The bit about the administrative salaries resonates, although the “almost $400,000 per year” is salary alone.  In 2010, Stephanie Teoli’s salary was $141,690.  The “Finance Officer” made less than half that, $65,805.  The township does, I think, suffer from not having someone who actually does have a finance background.  There’s also a bookkeeper (hourly salary $21.06), an administrative assistant (hourly salary $24.00), and a receptionist (hourly salary $19.76).  For benefits, a rule of thumb is to jack up those costs by about a third.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by francis d on September 21, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    WOW! I received this email. What lies. That brought me to this website. What trash. What’s with all the anger?

    Blogs are meant as a public forum, however, you should caviat all content with “In my opinion” because what you make out as factual are lies, excuse me, as you would write, bent truths.

    You write : “I am not running for any office, anywhere. Never have, don’t anticipate ever doing so.”

    If your not willing to participate, you have no right to criticise.

    You should rename this blog Uppermakefield.bitterfearmonger.

    Oh, btw, in all the www, you have six followers. nice….


    • Actually blogs aren’t public forums, they’re personal writing spaces. Comments can be turned off, on, or moderated. I like them on, but that’s my choice. Hopefully, a blog post makes an argument, with some kind of supporting evidence. Still, it’s always ‘reader beware’!

      I disagree with your sentence about participation and criticism, and I doubt you’d find many who would agree with you. I think everyone who votes and pays taxes participates, but I’m weird.

      The blog name you recommend is way too long. But it’s probably available, so you can use it!

      Six followers, yes. And three are members of my family, who subscribed to be nice to me, and they never read my blog, darn it. So without subscribers, who get an email when a new post goes up, I’m always surprised at the number of visits I get. Over 130 today alone; nearly 1200 since I started just about a month ago. Between you and me, that’s about 1100 more than I anticipated. (And my visits don’t count; I tried!)

      But do come back, often. I like traffic.


  2. Posted by L. Clark on September 21, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    The Board has never proposed apportionment of sewerage costs across the entire taxpayer base.


  3. Posted by Mark M on September 21, 2011 at 11:19 am

    1) Sewers – I understood that the impacted households would bear the cost of the sewers, not apportioned to all of UMT. Dolllington’s per capita impact far exceeded Taylorsville (532 & Taylorsville Roads).

    2) Furthermore, State Rep Scott Petri and the BoS were to pursue grants from DEP etc to help the impacted households.

    3) While the sewer argument is used to deter mass developement. Just look at the Open Space Map and see what is left which could be developed.

    4) About 1/2 of the impacted Dollington community could readily obtain a cost effective solution by tieing into LMT sewers behind their homes.

    5) We would not have gotten to this problem if we had taken better care of our On Lot Disposal systems. You really need to have the sludge removed periodically to maintain an effective Septic System. Penn State Cooperative Extension Service has loads of information. In the process you will learn how $%^&**& Harrisburg has failed to regulate the Marcelles Shale Fracking & Drilling Operation and Process and has placed over 20,000,000 people at risk.


    • I don’t think that there’s been any final decision or proposal on how the 2 areas in question would be addressed, let alone paid for. Dan Rattigan did say at the UMBA debate that he did not think the households should bear all of the costs. And I’m not sure I agree with you about the development either. I have wondered about something – I’ve only read part of the 537 plan at this point – and maybe you know the answer. Are sand mounds just not possible at these sites because of the soil? It’s not deep enough maybe? I know someone in Wrightstown who has that situation. Just wondering.


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