Polling Places Open for School

Council Rock school openings were all delayed for one day last week because of Irene.  Some school openings were delayed for 2 days.

The one day will have to be made up for all schools, and so there is an extra day of school planned for June.  The other day affects only 4 elementary schools – Sol Feinstone, Hillcrest, Wrightstown, and Rolling Hills.

Because of the limited number of schools affected by the additional make-up day, school superintendent Mark Klein is recommending to the school board that these 4 elementary schools be open for a half day on election day.

I’m not crazy about this idea.  Parking at Sol Feinstone is tight at the best of times.  Buses deliver and pick up students around 9 AM and noon, and the entrance gets crowded with kids and parents.

I understand that the school year has to be a certain number of school hours, and election day is not typically a time for a family trip or long weekend.  And no one knows how many days might be needed for snow days.  But still, isn’t election day at least as important as a holiday break?

Here is the Council Rock calendar.  If you have a suggestion about closing on a different day, or just want to let Mr. Klein know you’re concerned about this, drop him an email at mklein@crsd.org.  I know a few people who said they were going to contact him.

Note that today was also a ‘rain day’, and all CR schools were closed.  Presumably this day will have to be made up, either in June or at another time.  If it will be in June, that will already run into a new week.  That might make it easier to piggy-back this half day away from election day.

Otherwise, consider this a heads-up for election day.

90% of elections consists of voters, you know, showing up.  So come out and vote.


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