The Secret Candidate

On August 12, Dan Rattigan filed his paperwork to run as an Upper Makefield township supervisor as a Democrat.

On August 14, the Courier Times printed a news story about the township candidates.  Quoted in the story are Rattigan, Mary Ryan, Guy Polhemus, Larry Breeden, and Ernest Sasso.  Five of the six candidates for UM supervisor.

The only one not visible is Kathleen “KC” Christian.  The newspaper article says

“K.C. Christian, a Republican who narrowly lost the GOP nomination for that seat in May, was also successful with a write-in campaign and might appear on the November ballot on the Democratic side.   The newspaper was unsuccessful in reaching her to see if she is running. The deadline to file her paperwork is Monday.”

And that’s the last public word we’ve had on KC Christian so far.

She did file her paperwork, to run as a Democrat, on Monday, August 15.  You can call the board of elections in Doylestown and ask.

In a prior blog entry I noted that KC Christian presented herself as a staunch Republican.  Well, maybe staunch isn’t quite the right word.  If a political party, and the values it stands for, get in your way, well, there are always other values and other parties!  Right, KC?

But… why the silence on KC’s part?  Township supervisor isn’t an appointment, except in special circumstances (and this isn’t one).  You have to get votes, which means you have to run.  It helps if you, you know, announce your candidacy.  To the residents, the people, the community you claim to “love”.

In that prior post I linked to a picture of one of her pieces of campaign literature.  If you read it, what’s interesting is that it is mainly about who she knows, not what her record is.  Is that what she’s counting on?  That knowing politicians and having a politically connected family means she needn’t even tell the people she hopes to represent that she plans to be on the ballot?  (As a Democrat!)

It’s been 18 days, KC.  When will the time be right for you?

Here’s a link to another piece of her campaign literature.  In this one, KC Christian refers to the shadowy “… Team running against me engage in the politics of personal destruction”.  Okay, so maybe she’s banking on the pity vote as well.  For the record, I heard no one engaging in “personal destruction”.  BUT, when you’re running for office, and you’re a certain kind of person, it’s not always what’s true, but what you can convince the voters is true.

And, if hearing your opponent say “I’m a better choice than KC Christian because…” makes you break down, then I’m guessing you are not ready for public office.

The second piece of literature goes on to say

“You can count on me as lifelong resident to represent you with integrity and respect.” (sic)

What does that even mean?  Representing people with “integrity and respect” can mean just about anything you want it to mean.  You want to run for office, you need to have a better platform than that.  The American voters are a bit tired of vague, vapor words.  Hope and change!

So it’s official, right here on this blog: the KC Christian Countdown.  18 days so far with no official word in any newspaper.  Nothing from the search engines (except for this blog!)  Let’s see how long residents have to wait to be respected enough to be told by KC Christian that she plans to be on the ballot as a Democrat for Upper Makefield township supervisor in November 2011.

Tick… tick… tick…


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by delta on September 6, 2011 at 11:15 am

    You mean….. an opportunistic attempt to enhance the resume. But if it isn’t handed to her will she work for it.?


    • A good question. I personally did NOT think she would run as a Democrat – it seemed politically suicidal after presenting herself as some kind of uber-Republican – but in Bucks County, who knows? It would be nice to hear her platform, and hear why she chose to switch parties.


  2. Posted by MarkM on September 5, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    Her sister was a Supervisor for a while, back when Balderstrom was alive. If you know her father then you know her and where her candicacy is.


    • I don’t know her father, other than that he’s a war hero. I have met KC, and some of her friends and family. I know her sister Coleen was a supervisor, but haven’t found anything via search engines about what she did during her stint, and the township website archives don’t go back that far. I heard Bud Baldwin speak favorably about both KC and her sister, and I’ve heard a rumor that the plan is for her to run, win, then step down eventually and have someone be appointed in her place. Someone who works well with Baldwin, Rattigan, & Ryan. But that’s just a rumor. It seems as if it would be difficult to run and win if you don’t announce.


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