Out of the Blue

Heh.  Someone forwarded an email to me.  The subject of the email was “Ask me about your TAX CUT!”, and the body said this:

Ask me about your TAX CUT!

Doesn’t everyone want a tax cut?

Press release August 18, 2011

Dan Rattigan & Mary Ryan incumbent Supervisors running for re-election in November recently announced that there will be a

Tax Reduction for Upper Makefield Residents in 2012.

Dan Rattigan stated the reduction will be possible due to reduced expenditures for the past two years.  From June 30, 2009  to June 30, 2010 expenditures were down more than 9%.  From June 30, 2010 to June 30, 2011 expenditures were down another 10%.

Mary Ryan added that these reductions were accomplished by specific line item cuts, restructuring of contracts and review of consultant costs.  “We take our responsibility to the Upper Makefield taxpayers very seriously.” Ryan said.

Rattigan added “Our ongoing efforts and dedication is why there was no tax increase in 2011. We have navigated through the worst recession in forty years.”

Both candidates confirmed that they are committed to maintaining services while decreasing township taxes.  “We have the skills and experience to make sure Upper Makefield is fiscally healthy and remains a great place to live.”

Do you want to know more?


For the record, there has been no press release that has announced a tax cut for Upper Makefield, at least not one that I’ve been able to find.  Most of the quotes were taken from the news article reporting Rattigan’s switch to the Democrats.  And that was dated August 14.

And while a tax cut could happen, neither Rattigan nor Ryan – not even when you put them both together, with a dash of salt – can authorize a change in taxes.  That has to be voted on by the whole board of supervisors.

Beyond that, the whole tenor of the email is odd, as if a kid had put it together.  Actually, most of the kids I know would have put together something better than that.  But the message, especially that first line, sounds a little like “Ask me about ALL THE PRESENTS THAT I PLAN TO PUT UNDER THE TREE FOR YOU!!! (if you vote for me).”

It’s just what came to mind, reading the email.

My position?  No tax increases or decreases until the deficit is addressed.  A balanced budget, please!

Anyway, step up AskmeUMT@gmail.com and tell us more!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hello MarkM, welcome, and thanks for your comment.

    The UMT tax is not least in importance, anyway. I agree with you about Bucks County taxes – they’re in budget preparation now, I believe. CR taxes also. Going through budgets, getting RTKs, etc. – it’s not a casual effort. If you have something specific to offer, please do!


  2. Posted by MarkM on September 1, 2011 at 11:32 am

    The UMT tax is the least of the Council Rock & Bucks County-Doylestown taxes. How about someone starting up a challenge to the CR taxes. Show us your guts to stand up to a real embedded bureacracy.


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