Yes We’re Gonna Have A Party – Party – Switch

Word is that Kathleen – “KC” – Christian, who lost in the Republican primary for Upper Makefield supervisor last May, is… wait for it… going over to the Democrats.

Hmmm… isn’t this the same KC who proudly posed with Mike Fitzpatrick and Chris Christie?

Whose father may be considering a run for PA senator as a republican?

Whose fiance, Sean Schafer, is an aide for republican state senator Tommy Tomlinson?

Geez, with Republicans like KC Christian, who needs Democrats?

Here’s a picture of one of her pieces of campaign literature from last May’s primary.

Here’s a thought: KC Christian is a young woman who’s selling her soul to go after a job that’s not very sexy.  Why?

Once she’s married, where does she plan to live?

Why has she lost her pride in being a Republican?

Maybe it’s time to rethink support for her father, should he run, and rethink support for Tomlinson, if he runs again.

I know I will.

This boat won't float with these 3 clowns!


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  1. […] a prior blog entry I noted that KC Christian presented herself as a staunch Republican.  Well, maybe staunch […]


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