True Dat

This story doesn’t need much comment.

Voter ID now! 

Dems like to snarl that Voter ID disenfranchises people. This reaction is called “projection”, since that’s how they would use Voter ID. Instead they don’t support Voter ID, since that helps them commit electoral fraud.

If you’re looking to help on Election Day, consider looking at the True the Vote website, maybe signing up as a volunteer.

After all, while we’re not Philly, we do have lots of Dems around like Rattigan and Ryan.  And let’s not forget Poprik!  If she doesn’t like the Repub running anywhere in her personal sandbox known as the Bucks County GOP, they’ll get nothing from her. It’s Pat’s party here!


Primary Concerns

Tuesday, April 24, is primary day in Pennsylvania.  Getting Obama out of office is job 1, but there are other jobs as well.

Two people have stepped up to run against Santarsiero.  I don’t know much about Helen Bosley.  I’ve been told that she has been someone important in the Planned Parenthood hierarchy.  I’ve also been told that she has the “official” Bucks County republican party endorsement.  In my opinion, a kiss from Pat Poprik is toxic.

Anne Chapman is the other person running.  Her website is here.  She’s on the right side of some issues, but the “Property Tax Independence Act” is quite simply FUBAR.  And I don’t think Ms. Chapmen at all understands what the bill is about or the possible ramifications, she just wants to promise lower taxes.

Everyone wants lower property taxes, but will this proposal do anything to really reign in costs?  Public education is a government monopoly, and the teacher’s unions have a death grip on education (for the kids!) to ensure that the quality will never be as good as it should be.  If all school funding is moved from local taxes to Harrisburg, parents will lose the little influence they have today.  It won’t happen overnight.  You can put together any number of charts and graphs and Power Point presentations to demonstrate how “equitable” the distribution of funds will be.  Doesn’t matter.  Schools districts will notice that the piper has moved to Harrisburg, and that’s where they’ll dance.  It is inevitable.

One of the principles of conservatism is that smaller government is better, and closer government is better.  The idea of consolidating municipalities to save money is not popular, primarily because people are afraid that if their towns are consolidated they will become much smaller fish in a bigger pond.  They would be right.  Ditto for the school districts.

Someone tell Anne Chapman. Or maybe better yet, tell Rob Ciervo.

There are also Republican committeeperson contests in all of the UM districts.  Committee people get to hear from all of the candidates who want to run for an elected position, and then they vote on who will get the party endorsement.  You vote for them, but they are not obliged to tell you how they vote.

It’s kind of a noxious, insider-ish thing, made worse by Pat Poprik’s presence.  Consider challenging the people who want to run for the committee positions.  It may not be possible to get rid of Poprik, but the fact that Harry Fawkes continues to hold the chairman position just gives proof to the accusation that Republican is the party of stupid.  Bucks County went for Obama in 2008, so it’s hardly as if the Bucks GOP is serving the county well.  Poprik no doubt prefers that Fawkes retain the chairman seat so she can do as she pleases, but it’s long past time to push back against her Pelosi-like “leadership”.  It’s not about what’s good for Poprik, it’s time to focus on what’s good for the citizens.  If a candidate committee person cannot commit to cleaning up the GOP in Bucks County and replacing Harry Fawkes (and Poprik, with luck), vote for the candidate who can.

1000 Days

From The Hill, some Republican congresspeople want to wear buttons that say “1000 Days” at tonight’s SOTU to mark the fact that the Senate (Democrat controlled) hasn’t passed a budget for that long.

From Instapundit, an email saying:

I’m on the hill today, visiting with Congressman, and we are finding that many of the GOP members are saying, “It’s against House rules to wear the ’1000 days’ buttons at the SOTU tonight…”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it “against the rules” to not pass a freaking budget for 1000 days???

Tell people to call their GOP Reps and Sens and tell them show some brass and wear the danged buttons tonight. And the establishment wonders why people are gravitating toward Newt. They want elected officials who want to fight, and if the political class can’t even get up the nerve to wear a button, how are they going to reform entitlements, reform the tax code, or cut any spending?

and a recommendation to look for their senators and representatives tonight to see: button or not?

Will Fitzpatrick wear a button?  I have no idea if we’ll even be able to see him, but still, I’m betting he won’t.  And to be honest, I probably won’t watch the SOTU.  More than 30 seconds of looking at and/or listening to Obama and my mind starts screaming “where’s the scotch?

Fitzpa – Bah!

For the second time in the past 13 months, I’ve written an email to Mike Fitzpatrick about a legislative issue of concern to me.

For the second time, I’ve received no reply.

I’m not asking for a personal missive exploring the contents of his mind.  He has staff that we pay for.  Why is it beyond them to send a canned response outlining the congressman’s position?

The second email I wrote was to request that he, Fitzpatrick, oppose SOPA.  I saw and took his dopey little online poll.  All I got in response was this:

January 23, 2012

You may have heard in the news last week about a bill, H.R. 3261, titled the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  Several popular websites, including Wikipedia and Google, showed their opposition to this bill by shutting down their website for 24 hours and bringing attention to this very controversial bill.

The goal of this legislation is to prevent intellectual property theft, also known as piracy, on the internet.  Many agree that online piracy is a real threat and some type of legislative solution may be needed to address this increasingly rampant cyber-crime.

However, many have expressed extreme concerns with the way SOPA, and its Senate counter-part, the Protect IP Act (PIPA), are worded.  They believe that the language in these bills is too broad and could lead to government censorship of the internet and the shutting down of many legitimate and popular websites.

You can look at the wording of the bill yourself by reading the full text and the summary provided by the Library of Congress here: H.R. 3261 Summary.

As I look further into the wording of this bill, I want to know what you think.  Please take my poll online to share your thoughts on this bill: Click here to participate in my poll.

As your Congressman, I believe it is my responsibility to reflect the will and the best interests of my constituents. Your input is very important to me as I review this legislation, and I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.


Mike Fitzpatrick

Mike Fitzpatrick

Online piracy doesn’t bother me nearly as much as shutting down the most open exchange of information platform we’ve had in years.

And it doesn’t bother nearly as much as clueless congressman.

Jeesh.  I went door to door for this man.  What was I thinking?

If you oppose SOPA, take the poll, for pity’s sake.  Fitzpatrick can’t make the choice himself.


You’ve probably seen the web blackouts and heard the buzz growing into a roar about SOPA and PIPA.  It’s had an effect.

Where do legislators from PA stand on the issue?

Scroll down to see a button to sort by state.  Scroll down to “Follow the Money” to see the tallies by state; from there you can click on Pennsylvania to see the list of legislators and their stand (or lack thereof).

  • Mike Fitzpatrick is UNKNOWN.
  • Pat Toomey was unknown, today he’s LEANING NO.
  • Bob Casey SUPPORTS PIPA.

Casey is up for re-election this year.  He wants his PIPA, he shouldn’t get your vota.  He wouldn’t get mine anyway, but if you were leaning his way, take this into consideration.

And come on, Mike, man up if you can.  It shouldn’t be that difficult.  His contact form has a poll asking if you support or oppose PIPA/SOPA, so he appears particularly clueless on this issue.

Contact for Fitzpatrick:

Contact for Toomey:

Contact for Casey:

Board Reorg – Everything Old Stays Old

The Upper Makefield board swore in 2 of the 3 supervisors elected in November.  Rat was elsewhere – he just phones it in.  Maybe he should just keep doing that.  Everyone wins!

Township meetings are going to be on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays.  Apparently not all of the supervisors knew about this proposed change.  What?  And, FYI, the change is to accomodate the newly appointed lawyer.

Part 1 of 3 – Swearing in and board appointments


Part 2 of 3 – liaison assignments and meeting day change discussion

Part 3 of 3 – meeting day change discussion (continued)

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Board

I can think of at least 4 reasons to be thrilled about Rattigan and Ryan winning the UM supervisor election.  For those silly people out there who might still be unhappy, time to get with the program and start being pleased about what to expect! Continue reading